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 In a statement entitled “Open Letter to Muslim Sisters,” released on Thursday through several jihadist websites, Oumaima Hassan Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, the wife of Al Qaeda number 2 Ayman Al-Zawahiri, urges Muslim women “to serve the cause of jihad” and to do what the mujahideen tell them.
She explained that the mujahideen could “ask them to provide material support, to collect information, to wage the holy war and even to carry out a suicide attack.” She urges Muslim woman to conduct those attacks, arguing that “several sisters had carried out suicide operations in Iraq, Chechnya and Palestine.”
 She nonetheless reminded that “our main mission remains the protection of the mujahideen, their children, their homes and their secrets and to help them raise their children.”

She also said that Muslim women must “incite their husbands and children to wage the holy war, to defend the Muslim countries and their wealth and to free them” from the Western colonization.
 She also took aim at the West and its “campaign against the Islamic veil,” saying that “this campaign is one of the fiercest led by the criminal infidels against Islam.” She added that the attacks conducted by the “Western infidel world” against the veil underscore its “moral and social decay.”
It must be noted that the reference to veil are a way to single out Europe, and especially France where a debate on the burqa is currently underway and Switzerland which recently voted to ban the construction of new minarets. This is another sign that those recent debates along with the European presence in Afghanistan are likely to increase the threat from terrorism in European countries and against European interests in North Africa and the Middle East in the weeks to come.

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