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Is this the Britain for Which Our People Fought?

November 18, 2009


Afghan asylum seekers converting to Christianity to subvert deportation proceedings, Chinese restaurant owners smuggling in hundreds of their nationals and immigrant civil servants who marry their daughters to get them into the country: This is the state of Britain’s immigration nightmare today.

These outrages are the logical end product of Tory and Labour governments who have followed pro-immigration policies for decades.

While it is correct to blame the Labour regime for the dramatic increase in the Third World invasion over the last decade, it must not be forgotten that the Tories bear an equal role in this nightmare which has swept across Britain.

In the first astonishing case, an Afghan asylum seeker’s claim in Britain was so patently bogus that even the weak judicial system ordered his deportation.

The Afghani scrounger then claimed that he had “converted” to Christianity, and appealed against his deportation on the grounds that deporting him would “breach his human rights.”

He would, he said, be executed if he returned to Afghanistan – - that wonderful democracy for which so many British lives have been given – - because the sharia law in force there decrees death for those who leave Islam.

Senior Immigration Judge Nichols said that deporting the man would expose him to a “real risk of persecution” which violated Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits torture or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

The scrounger in question was a passenger on the Boeing 727 seized by nine Afghans in February 2000 and forced to fly to Stansted in Essex. All of the hijackers were given asylum and one now works as a baggage handler at Heathrow airport.

The second case involves two men who run the Top Wok chain of Chinese restaurants, Ringo Hon and Ronnie Luke. They have just been fined £90,000 for employing illegal immigrants in their restaurants.

The worst case is however of a Nigerian, Jelili Adesanya, who worked as an occupational health nurse for the Home Office, working with immigration officials at Gatwick airport.

This man married his own daughter so she would be allowed to stay in Britain. According to media reports, the Home Office is fully aware of the swindle, but has done nothing about it.

Mr Adesanya, 54, has lived in Britain for more than 30 years and holds a British passport. He wanted his daughter, her husband and their four sons to join him from Nigeria.

According to media reports, he faked a wedding ceremony complete with a photograph of him and his daughter which was used to trick immigration officials into thinking that his daughter, Karimotu Adenike, was really his wife. She was duly granted permission to live in Britain.

The plan is apparently to wait until her permanent right to remain in Britain is granted. After that, she will divorce her father and bring over the rest of her family by claiming to have “remarried” her real husband.

Sixty-nine years ago, the people of Britain freely volunteered to fight off foreign invaders. Now, their sacrifices have been cast aside, and Britain has become the stamping ground for waves of new invaders who disregard every law and rule in the book.

Have the sacrifices of past generations been in vain? The electorate of Britain will determine the answer to that question
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